On 1st December 2015, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, launched “Gateway 2 Employment”. The campaign aims to break down barriers to employment for people with convictions.

Many employers have a skills shortage and would benefit from an increased pool of suitable candidates from which to recruit. Unfilled vacancies can have an economic impact on any business and increase pressure on other employees attempting to make up the resourcing short fall.

Not only can you provide skills and hope for people with convictions, you are also able to help to break the cycle of offending and offer the tools needed to secure a job for the future. In return you will get a wealth of ability, loyalty and a hard working person with experience.

We need you to support this campaign, by offering up jobs, apprenticeships, work experience, trainee-ships and support sector based academies for people with convictions. For more details, please visit our pledge information section.


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