Our Prisons

Our prisons positively help offenders to reintegrate in to the community by providing employment and training opportunities and working with the local business community.

Working in an “employment like” atmosphere gives offenders the opportunity to learn new skills and increases the opportunities to find employment on release.

Some links have already been developed with local and national businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk. These schemes have successfully provided more offenders with meaningful work, whilst supporting the economy.

Our prisons are flexible to the needs of our businesses and continue to seek further opportunities to work in community partnership.

HMP Norwich

HM Prison Norwich is a resettlement prison, holding a mix of remand and sentenced adult and young offenders.

The Local Discharge Unit (LDU) supports offenders who are actively engaging in their resettlement planning and are work ready. These lower risk offenders aim to move into open conditions. Time spent in open prisons affords offenders the opportunity to find work, re-establish family ties, reintegrate into the community and ensure housing needs are met.

Britannia House serves as a resettlement unit for low risk offenders. This open unit tests offenders in conditions more similar to those they will face in the community. Offenders work within the community for a range of sectors, many of whom staff the hugely successful Café Britannia, a social enterprise offering training, rehabilitation and employment to current and ex-offenders.

Planning for an offenders release or transfer starts on their arrival at HM Prison Norwich. Resettlement underpins the work of the whole prison, and excellent risk based planning ensures a seamless transition into the community.


Education provision reflects an emphasis on Basic Skills (Literacy & Numeracy), Key Work Skills, Social & Life Skills and IT across both the Reception and Local Discharge Unit sites. Other available courses include English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Health and Safety, Painting & Decorating, Arts & Crafts and pre-release work programmes  Prisoner mentoring/support programmes and excellent library facilities are also available.

Training Provision

A range of activity places are on offer, many of which lead to transferable qualifications, including Printing, Textiles, Contract Packing Services, Single Portions, Gardens (with City and Guilds accreditation available to identified prisoners), Prison ICT Academy (PICTA), British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) and Call Centre.
A newly refurbished Vocational Training Centre offers opportunities to explore links with external businesses for those resettling into our local community, whilst also intending to provide additional workshop employment leading to externally relevant qualifications.

HMP Bure

HM Prison Bure is a specialist treatment centre for rehabilitation, offering a wide range of sex offender treatment programmes, prioritising offenders from the East of England.
Alongside treatment programmes, HM Prison Bure provides an extensive range of education and employment opportunities, forging strong relationships with local and national businesses to provide industry within the establishment.


The curriculum is based on a clear analysis of prisoners’ needs and is well informed, with provision emphasising on basic skills (literacy and numeracy), employability skills, and personal and social development skills.

Available courses include warehousing and storage principles, IT, facilities management, customer service, art, practical cleaning, business venture, ESOL, food safety, health and safety, music production, cycle maintenance and engineering.

Training Provision

There is a clear focus on developing employability skills and most prisoners demonstrate a positive team working ability, improved confidence and an appropriate work ethic.

HMP Wayland

HM Prison Wayland is a resettlement prison for adult males and is located near the village of Griston in Norfolk.

Offenders leaving custody receive ‘through the gate’ supervision and support. With the vast majority of offenders being released from Wayland in, or close to, the area in which they will live. This means offenders can begin working towards their rehabilitation in the community from the moment they arrive in prison.

The prison has forged stong links with established local and national employers to offer vocational training and work to offenders in order to increase opportunities for work placements on ROTL (release on temporary licence).

Release on temporary licence means being able to leave the prison for a short time, for example to help an offender settle back into the community by engaging in employment activities.


Opportunities exist to improve literacy and numeracy in a large education department with good library facilities. The provision includes the delivery of Functional Skills, Personal Social Development, Gym, IT and Media, Employability, Book keeping, Retail and additionally, they support accredited qualification delivery in industry workshops.

Training Provision

The regime provides an extensive range of workshops and training facilities, including Electrics, Welding, Bricklaying, Multi skills, Plumbing, Carpentry, Plastering, Streetworks, BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science), Industrial Cleaning, Motor Mechanics, and work towards sustainable development in the Gardens area.
A number of areas deliver accredited qualifications throughout the establishment, including, Gardens, Waste Management, DHL Warehousing, St Giles Trust and Library.
All offenders are able to engage in Passport to Employment Training which captures progress and evidence of employability skills.

HM Prison Peterborough

HM Prison Peterborough is a resettlement prison, serving Cambridgeshire for males and Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk and Suffolk for females, holding a mix of remand and sentenced adult and young offenders.
There is a clear commitment throughout the establishment to provide the conditions and support whereby men and women can, address their offending behaviour issues and deal with the problems that led them to offend.

The Link centre within the prison is excellent in providing a range of resettlement advice and practical support; and the relatively newly opened Outside Links, based in the centre of Peterborough, is ground breaking in continuing this support post release.

Education & Training

A range of education courses and accredited vocational training are available to offenders, including:
– Industrial cleaning skills and health and safety.
– Hairdressing.
– Manufacturing/light assembly – workshop has contract with local businesses.
– Bicycle technician.
– Painting and decorating.